Divine Weddings

A blissful fairytale wedding awaits you at the Allure Grand resort. All you need to do is get dressed in those breathtaking outfits for your grand occasion and celebrate with your loved ones admist the magical mountains. The lush green gardens with the subtle background music of the river and a picture perfect valley view is the backdrop you deserve for freezing those lifetime memories.

  • Area Lawn 20,000 Sq Ft (Approx)
  • Lawn Sitting Capacity 40
  • Round Table 40
  • Sitting Capacity 200 Pax
  • Additonal Chair Sitting 150 Pax
  • Banquet Hall Capacity 1190 Sq Ft
  • Cluster 55 Pax
  • Theatre 120 Pax
  • Restaurant Sitting Capacity 1190 Sq Ft
  • Sitting Capacity 64 Pax
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